Are our departed loved ones watching over us?

As human beings, we can’t help but wonder if our departed loved ones are still around, watching over us. Can they really be gone or are they still here?

After interviewing people about their mystic experiences for the more than 200 stories in my two Psychic Bystander anthologies I’m convinced that they are involved in our everyday lives like an invisible entourage.

One woman I interviewed saw her grandmother at the foot of her bed the night before her wedding. Her beloved “Bube” had always looked forward to attending Elsie’s wedding, but died before the special day. Elsie knew after she saw the smiling vision of Bube that she would indeed be present at the nuptials.

In another instance, one woman’s mother-in-law distracted her so that she would miss being in a potentially fatal automobile accident. Another woman, who was in a serious car crash came out of it with relatively little damage–the doctors told her she should have died–and remembered her Irish grandmother surrounding her with her energy during that trauma. Finally, when one man tried to commit suicide, his father came back to tell him he was making a big mistake. He was so startled, he changed his mind, his problems worked themselves out and he lived a long life.

It appears that if someone loves you before they die, that love continues after they cross over to the other side. They attend birthday parties and other events to share in celebrations. They also offer protection and comfort when it is needed. Sometimes they whisper encouragement or advice into our minds. Most importantly, they want us to know that we are never truly alone.

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