Welcome to the Realm of the Paranormal

How would you feel if your child told you she had a playmate who died years earlier in a fire? Do you think it’s possible to know who you’re going to marry from a simple handshake? If you could read the energy in a home, would it make it harder to buy your first house?

Loitering at the Gate to Eternity recounts more than 100 true paranormal stories that will lift you out of your everyday existence and open a doorway into a new, inspirational way of experiencing life. Here’s what readers have to say:

“As I read the book I realized how many of the things that happened to other people had also happened to me. I had just put them away somewhere in my mind…. I applaud Ms.Green for her insight and her guiding me to explore a part of me that I had almost forgotten.”—Russ, New York

“The stories are heart-warming and inspiring. The book is thought-provoking and beautifully written, and also contains sidebars with lots of pertinent and helpful information about psychic phenomena. I loved this book and look forward to more writings from Louisa Green in the future!”—Joy, New Jersey

“It was (an) extremely well written, quite entertaining read. I’m not a believer, but it does cause me to reflect. Who knows? Would recommend to any one with an interest in psychic phenomena.”—Tom, Florida

“Here’s a fascinating collection of true stories for anyone who has ever contemplated if there’s maybe ‘something on the other side;’ or is just a little curious if there is; or who’s ever caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of one’s eye and wondered… as well as for anyone who wants a fun, mysterious and easy-to-get-lost-in summer (or any season!) read.”—Guiseppina, New Jersey


“…Loitering at the Gate to Eternity is not a typical book on the subject of psychic phenomena. The author is not a professional psychic, nor is she a parapsychologist, which immediately gives this book a unique perspective. Louisa’s memoir is based on the experience of a thoughtful, educated, and intelligent person who marries into a family that has a history of numerous psychic experiences and manifestations. The author’s own beliefs, which begin in a more agnostic non-believer type camp, are shaped over time and through her getting to know her husband and his family. She shares this journey of discovery and learning with us through numerous family anecdotes. It is made quite clear that these people are not professional psychics nor psychic entertainers and have nothing to gain by sharing these stories beyond a sincere belief they are experiencing things that are extraordinary. As a “psychic bystander” the author eventually comes to accept the reality of her extended family’s experiences and goes on to research and investigate the available evidence for these various psychic phenomena…Overall the book does make for a compelling case for the reality of psychic experience, and the possibility that some of us may be more genetically predisposed to them. Those who are believers and those who are just mildly curious about these things will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from having read this book, and those of you who are non-believers may just want to give it a chance and see if you might be persuaded even just a little.”—Susan St Clair, PsiCan.org (Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada)

“The author did a wonderful job of telling these stories without forcing any opinions or beliefs on the reader while still keeping the book engrossing enough that I read through most of it before I realized it. And I can honestly say by the end it had me seriously regarding some of the unusual things that have happened to me in my life in a different way. For believers and nonbelievers alike this book WILL make you think and is definitely worth a read.”—Melanie Rovak, Independent Book Reviewer, Illinois (Paranormal Books R Us blog)

“The subtitle, Memoirs of a Psychic Bystander, is poignant, and becomes a theme throughout the book, but it’s hard not to get swept up in the romance of the stories.  Green expertly illustrates the particulars of each memory as told to her by any number of family members and friends of the family who have either witnessed the phenomenon, like her, or whom possess what seems to be a hereditary propensity for sensitivity.  Beyond that though, she skillfully captures the essence of their experiences and lets the reader live it right alongside her.”—Martin Clemens, Ontario, Canada (ParanormalPeopleOnline.com)

*Reviewers were unpaid and have no personal or professional involvement with the book or the author.