Are psychics all-knowing?

The quick answer to that is, of course not! Psychics do not “know” anything. They get their messages from guides or other spirits on the other side and just deliver them, like a spiritual letter carrier. They can only deliver what messages they receive and nothing more.

During my years of livingangel around and researching psychics and mediums I have noticed something interesting about those who acknowledge their abilities to receive information from beyond. They either become quite spiritual and humbled by their abilities or become very egotistical and begin to believe they “know” much more than they do. If you encounter the latter type of psychic, run in the other direction as fast as you can. They will taint whatever messages they get with their own spin and often make stuff up.

One very gifted medium I spoke to once told me that one of the reasons his profession has such a bad reputation is that many psychics overestimate their abilities. And let’s admit it, there are also scam artists out there.

Often people assume that psychics and mediums should know everything. You’ll hear things like, “If you’re psychic, why didn’t you know I would call?” or “Why didn’t you know that bad thing was going to happen to you?” The truth is, if an entity from the other side doesn’t send them a message, they don’t know about any situation or event that’s coming or is currently going on any more than you or I would.

So, the next time you meet a psychic or medium, remember, they are not all-knowing. Their brain and nervous system are simply very sensitive, allowing them to receive and pass on energy messages to you. Just think of them as spiritual postal workers!

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